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Paddy Ashdown has an interesting talk up on TED. However, I'm more impressed that French ex-pats gathered together in significant numbers are now going to have their own MPs. If you happen to have French passport but are allowed to be resident in the UK and are currently based in China but are on a year's work secondment to Brazil how much longer is the nation state going to make sense to you? It doesn't take a genius to see a gap opening up for the creation of the sort of trans-national communities referenced in Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars books or Stevenson's Diamond Age.

While I'm here - is it just me or are people posting a lot less on LJ these days? Some of use have moved to Twitter for meme-spreading, which is mostly what I used LJ for anyway, but everyone else just seems to be posting less. *shrug*

Date: 2012-01-10 09:40 pm (UTC)
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People are posting less on LJ, you among them :p
A fair few people I know have been tempted away by the ease and prettiness of Tumblr. I have one of those, but I really don't like Tumblr that much. Pretty but shallow, not much opportunity for interaction that's not highly limited, and the collective mental age of the entire site seems to be about 16. Hey ho.

I also have a Twitter now. I'm Prunesquallormd there too :)

I still post as much as ever did. But then, I only ever really post once a week or so.


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