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So, it's all over for another year. I discovered how difficult it is to mentor a team of remote kids based in their own homes across the internet. Not because of technology issues, although we had those, but because it's very easy for them to drop out at any time and not come back (or for their parents to drag them away to do chores).

There were tons of amazing projects at the Festival of Code weekend - these are some of my favourites:
  • Way to Go (uses crowd-sourcing to provide accessibility information for disabled folks)
  • Marauder's Map (funny and great display of technology. If you have a microphone click the microphone and say "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" to log in!) 
  • TruMps (amusing, great use of HTML5 and CSS3 for whizzy graphics)
  • Manchester Image Archive (compare old pictures of locations to current views on Streetmap)
  • Dog Journeys (use GPS to map the routes you use to walk your dog and share with and use other people's)
  • Humap (updates navigation directions from google maps to including references to landmarks - "turn left at Tescos" instead of "take the 3rd left")
  • Smart Move (build custom heatmaps of London using criteria rated by you in order to find places you might like to live and then view properties for sale in those areas)
  • ISS Track (track the current position of the ISS)
  • Postcode Wars (compare two different areas, really beautiful layout and plugin architecture -- a must for all coders)
A one minute wrap-up from Tiffany St James.

Tiffany St James-YRS2012 from Rebel Uncut on Vimeo.

20 minute thoughts from the SAP sponsors.

A brilliant thank-you video.
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